The Lions Santa Story

Once upon a time in the Town of Scunthorpe Father Christmas noticed that a group called The Scunthorpe Lions were working so hard to help lots of deserving organisations and people who were having problems of one kind or another. So pleased was Santa with all this good work (especially around Christmas) that he decided he would like to help the Lions. He agreed to come along and meet hundreds of children attending the Lions annual evening at the Scunthorpe Pantomime. This was so enjoyable for him that he has now also decided to help the Lions again by coming to their Christmas Grotto at Stephen Smith's Trent Valley Garden Centre.
All of this extra work for Santa at such a busy time in his life has not stopped him from now agreeing to the Lions invitation to switch on the Christmas Lights in Scunthorpe. Members of  Scunthorpe Lions Club are so pleased that Santa is doing so much for them that they have promised to keep up with all their good deeds throughout the coming year

Left: Santa and members of the Scunthorpe Lions Club await the start of the journey with his reindeer through town after the Christmas Lights Switch on.
Santa 2012
Cheque 2009
Left: After switching on the Christmas Lights Santa traveled through the Town Center where he "Parked Up" and had a chat with the Children of Scunthorpe.
Right: On the photo for the cheque presentation are (left to right) Lions Dave Briggs, John Sennitt, Jim Harding, John Rawlinson, Mike Kitchen, Club President Mick Wood, Bob Hall, Mr Mervyn Gravil (Store Manager), Brian Patrick, Ken Bradley, and Brian Borrill.
Another hectic year for Santa, in fact it was so hectic we think he has forgotten to send us those photographs he promised. Maybe he thinks we want them on next years Christmas List. However we do have a Photograph of the proceeds of Santa changing hands.

From Left to right: Lions John Rawlinson, Ron Riley, Stephen Smiths Manager Mervin Gravil, Lion Mike Kitchen, Lion President Brian Patrick, Lions Bob Hall and Graham Wicks.

Cheque  2008
2007 Cheque

With Christmas now only a few weeks away Santa has received an official welcome to Scunthorpe from Mayor of North Lincolnshire Cllr. TONY ELLERBY./p>

As Santa arrived at Stephen Smiths Trent Valley Garden Centre for his first session at the SCUNTHORPE LIONS CLUB Grotto The Mayor expressed his pleasure at being able to officially open the proceedings and added.. "I am delighted that the Lions have are able to run this grotto as it is not only going to bring a lot of pleasure to children visiting Santa but also it will help to ensure Lions are able to continue with the tremendous amount of support they provide for our community" He also added - "The Lions have also arranged for Santa to Switch On the town centre Christmas lights so I am looking forward to meeting Santa again then".

TThe first visitor to the Grotto was 10 year old MILLIE WHITBY of Scunthorpe. She had the added privilege of being introduced to Santa by Cllr Ellerby and was delighted with her visit as she was able to ask Santa if he would be able to deliver a new Liverpool Shirt on Christmas morning.

Right: Scunthorpe Lions Club President Lion Derek Hall presents a Thank you Certificate to Mr Neil Parker Shop Manager of Steven Smiths Garden Centre for allowing the Scunthorpe Lions to help run Santa's Grotto once again. Altogether the Lions collected over �3,500 with every penny going to good causes.

Scunthorpe Lions President DEREK HALL told The Evening Telegraph "Lions are again indebted to Stephen Smiths for their generosity in the way they have provided everything for the Grotto. The total proceeds will be used by Lions to continue the work we are renowned for. During the Christmas period we have a number of projects which will involve providing a little extra Christmas cheer for many in our Town - from the very young to the elderly".

Below: Santa welcomes one of the hundreds of children who are invited to the 2006 Lions night out at the pantomime.
In 2006 Alisha Beckwith was the first of Santas visitors. She's seen here with Santa and her Grandfather Malcolm (Geordie) Beckwith (right), Margaret Rawlinson (Scunthorpe Lions) and Stephen Smiths Shop Manager Neil Parker.
Right: Members of the Scunthorpe Lions Club with Pictured during the cheque presentation with Stephen H Smiths Manager Mr Mervyn Gravil
Presentation 2011